On our own behalf

Dear visitors of our wineestate,

we look forward to welcome you in the Mosel valley. To make the most intense experience of what surrounds us here and guides us every day, a glass of wine from our wineestate is a must. Share it with your partner and/or friends who accompany you, and you will have a good time.

We as a family and wine producers make the largest effort, put sweat and tears, love and passion into a product we love so much. We personally consider it very important to buy all the products of daily use in our region, and would hope for our guests to do the same. Thus, other families who have been pursuing their crafts for generations, just like we have, are directly supported. This region can only live on if it is supported, which means that people do not blindly join in the ruinous price war among large enterprises.

Everyone has the power to decide whether they want to have a colorful variety of production, trade and commerce or a gray mishmash. Sustainability begins on a small scale and the answer to it is to buy local!

Unfortunately, from time to time, we have very rare guests in our house and region that do not quite understand this philosophy or want to endorse it. Thus, we not seldom find wine which is not from our region, often from miserable qualities and brands that embody exactly what we do not want to have, especially when it comes to the brands you only find in discounters. Moreover and even worse, these wines are often brought from home instead of being bought in our region. It should be the purpose of a trip to the Mosel to discover something new and exciting, especially in the field of pleasure for one’s senses.

Surely you understand that we, as it is common in restaurants, charge a corkage fee of €10 for each bottle of wine which was not bought in our wineestate, even after your departure, as soon as we become aware of it. This corkage fee is for the use of our glasses and corkscrew, and the disposal of empty bottles.

If you do not agree with our rules, we are sure that you will find a nice accommodation somewhere else in the Mosel valley.

In our wineestate we offer wine for almost every taste, that includes chilled wines, sparkling wine or Secco. When enjoying a product from our company, you can be sure about where it originated, who made it, and if you have any questions about the manufacture or processing, we are always happy to answer them.

Thank you for supporting our region - a region that has been around for more than 2000 years.

We wish you a pleasant stay in our house.

Yours Immich Family